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The Interrelationship between Job Stress with the Immune System and Functional Memory of Women Working in Diagnostic Laboratories
Mansoureh Sadeghi-Yarandi, Anahita Khodabakhshi-Koolaee *, Mohammad Reza Falsafinejad, Neda Khaletbari
Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Khatam University, Tehran, Iran , a.khodabakhshid@khatam.ac.ir
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Introduction: Job stress is a psychological state that results from a feeling of inconsistency between capacities and situations and a kind of non-specific response to all factors that can affect the immune system and functional memory. This study was aimed to investigate the relationship between job stress with the immune system and functional memory of women working in diagnostic laboratories. Materials and Methods: Correlation method was used to evaluate the hypotheses. The study population includes all women employed in medical diagnostic laboratories affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2016. The sample group consisted of women range of 35-55 years old, who was working in the laboratory. They were selected randomly from the population. For this purpose, job stress questionnaire of the UK executive Health and Safety, blood serum cortisol test and Wechsler Memory Scale were used to collect information. Results: Statistical analysis showed that job stress and the immune system of women working in clinical laboratories had the positive and meaningful correlation (r=0.66). The most important factors of the minor scale of job stress were colleagues support and communication, which represnt 29.6% and 23% of the variation of immune system. Functional memory with job stress also had a positive and meaningful correlation (r=0.57). The communication and control had the most share in establishing functional memory variation (18.6%). Using the communication as a single test, 9.2% of workers had established the variation of functional memory. Conclusion: In general, the job stress and its sub-scale supporting by friends and control can be predicted the immunological system and functional memory of employed women. It seems that clinicians and professionals could be applying these psychological and physical factors for improving the productivity of employees in clinical laboratory services.
Keywords: Occupational Stress, Immune System, Memory, Clinical Laboratory Services
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Type of Study: Research --- Open Access, CC-BY-NC | Subject: Neuroimmunology
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Sadeghi-Yarandi M, Khodabakhshi-Koolaee A, Falsafinejad M R, Khaletbari N. The Interrelationship between Job Stress with the Immune System and Functional Memory of Women Working in Diagnostic Laboratories. Shefaye Khatam. 2019; 7 (2) :23-32
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